Saturday, August 22, 2009

What to Wear Where?

Jewelry For Every Occasion

Recent trends in fashion have seen a change to bolder, more luxurious jewelry. Artisan gemstone creations and intricate wire work are hot right now and very fun to wear. But incorporating these styles into your regular wardrobe can seem challenging. Here are some suggestions:

Business casual
Choose one focal piece of handcrafted jewelry as a standout piece and keep your other accessories simple.

Dinner Date
Consider a delicate chain or pendant paired with dangling or chandelier earrings.

Pearls are classic and always a great choice, but this can also be a great opportunity to wear a more formal extravagant piece.

Evening Glamor
Contrast a sleek, feminine outfit with chunky, artisan crafted gemstone-studded necklaces.

At Work
Spice up your business attire with an intricate wirework necklace, but keep the color choices simple and professional.

For a chic Fall look, pair jeans and a sweater with an eye-catching pendant in classic autumn hues dangling from a long chain.

Looking for earrings to match your favorite necklace? Be sure to wear that necklace the next time you hit the mall so that you can be on the lookout for the perfect match

Use extreme caution when deciding whether to wear jewelry or accessories if you're engaging in sports or other strenuous activities. Jewelry can get caught, snag, break or just be a general hazard or nuisance. Consider skipping it altogether.

Barbecue or Picnic
Keep your accessories casual and limit yourself to just one piece. Outdoor parties are a great chance to show off simple, nature-inspired jewelry, like sterling leaf-shaped earrings.

Garden Party
Like a picnic or barbecue, you may want to have a natural theme. But since garden parties are a little more formal, try pairing a breezy summer dress with a more elaborate gemstone bracelet or necklace.

Cocktail Party
Intricate artisan jewelry is very much at home at a cocktail parties. Wear your best pieces and don't be afraid to stand out!

I suggest keeping jewelry to a minimum while traveling for two reasons: 1) if you accidentally leave your favorite one-of-a-kind jewelry item behind, you'll probably never see it again and 2) jewelry makes a great souvenir, so buy something new and indulgent while you are away.

Art Galleries
How appropriate it is to wear art while viewing art! Break out your wildest, most unconventional artisan jewelry item and you'll really showcase your appreciation for creativity and design.

Keep your eyes out for a fabulous new find while wear your favorite vintage jewelry. (of course!)

Wine tasting
Check out my collection of grape-inspired jewelry, such as this one:

I hope this post gave you some ideas about how to wear your colorful artisan jewelry. Your favorite gems shouldn't just sit in a box all year long! Find any excuse to wear your fanciest, most lavish pieces because you never know when the next formal occasion may be. Life is uncertain, so make the best of it and find pleasure in the (sparkly) little things!

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