Saturday, August 15, 2009

Color Series: Part Three

Neutrals and Earth Tones

Every outfit you wear will probably include a neutral or earth tone. While these shades may often take a back seat to the brighter colors you wear, they are nonetheless important in looking your best. The right balance of neutral colors can help you to appear more professional and keep your use of bold colors from taking over.

Brown is an earthy, organic color. Its often associated with autumn, nature, and the outdoors. There are many beautiful shades ranging from deep, rich chocolate to soft sepia toned tans.
Try these suggestions to make the most of your browns:
  • Pair chocolate with pink or teal for a very modern, trendy combination.
  • Brown looks great with itself! Think "mocha latte" or " chocolate caramel" for a yummy, tone-on-tone look.
  • For a classic autumn look, wear browns with red or orange.
  • Brown and ivory can combine for a vintage, antique feel.

White symbolizes purity and innocence in some cultures, while other cultures use white to represent joy and serenity. No wonder white is so popular at weddings! But there are many other occasions to wear white:
  • White is a fresh, summery color all by itself or when paired with soft shades of blue for a nautical feel.
  • For a modern minimalist look, try combining white with a touch of aqua or lime.
  • A white top with jeans or khakis is relaxed, casual and simple.
  • In addition to the classic black and white combination, try using white with bright shades like magenta and tangerine.

Black can be sophisticated and elegant, or mysterious and moody. It's slimming, timeless and it goes with everything!
  • To convey a feeling of seriousness or formality, match black with gray or deep purple.
  • Combine black with red for a dramatic gothic look.
  • Black is the best backdrop for your wildest patterns and colors
  • Black can even look earthy and organic if paired with wood or stone jewelry.

Gray is sometimes thought of as a depressing, drab color, but it can be surprising lively when used in unexpected ways:
  • One of the hottest color combinations right now is gray and yellow. Try it!
  • Pair charcoal and burgundy for an elegant, understated look.
  • For a crisp, wintry look wear steely gray with sterling silver jewelry.
  • Gray can be a great alternative to black. Match it up with brights for a surprisingly modern and fresh look.

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