Thursday, July 29, 2010

Look Fabulous Every Day!

Over the past few months, I have been focusing on improving my wire wrapping techniques, purchasing higher quality gemstones, and basically giving Snowflake Designs Jewelry a serious upgrade. I no longer use plated metals or glass beads in any of the designs. In the past year, I feel that I've really crossed the line from nice beaded jewelry to upscale gemstone creations.
I'm really proud of where the Snowflake Designs brand is right now.

But truth be told, my audience has narrowed. My new and improved designs simply don't match everyone's style and budget. I began to miss creating simple little designs that I personally feel comfortable wearing daily-- to work, to the grocery store, whatever.

So, a little over a month ago I decided to create a second line of jewelry. A completely distinct brand with it's own style and identity. Jewelry to be worn any day, any where.

Simple Adornments is the name of my second Etsy shop. So far, the response has been encouraging and I continue to add new designs every week.

Cherry Blossom Pendant

Teal Earrings

Apple Earrings

Here are some of the characteristics that make Simple Adornments unique:
  • I use only sterling silver in the designs. Although more affordable and accessible than my Snowflake Designs jewelry line, it is still of excellent quality.
  • While I do use some gemstones in these designs, they are primarily composed of quality glass beads.
  • All pieces are oxidized to a deep gunmetal finish to give them an edgy, urban feel.
  • I wire wrap each piece with care, so that it will be lasting and durable.
Please take the time to check it out and offer any suggestions you may have for improvement.

Saturday, July 10, 2010


I'm having a huge sale at Snowflake Designs Jewelry on Etsy!

Every item in my shop is currently priced from 10% to 30% off. There's no need for a coupon code, or to wait for a revised invoice. The prices have already been marked.

This sale ends July 31st.

(Mention that you follow my blog when you place your order, and you'll also receive a free gift!)