Monday, July 27, 2009

Color Series: Part Two

Express Yourself with Color

A previous post discussed some basic thoughts about how to choose the colors you wear. I'd like to share more details on this topic, since colorful jewelry is what Snowflake Designs is all about.

Jewelry doesn't need to be only gold or silver. Jewelry that embraces color-in the form of gemstones or beads- can add a special allure. It's also a wise fashion decision. If a certain gemstone or color works well for you now, it's likely to be a color you will reach for again and again for many years to come.

Consider the following to be a color guideline when choosing the color to suit your mood:

Blue is the color of water and the sky and so it is often associated with calmness and tranquility. Blue is a popular color with a relaxed feel. It’s a good choice for daytime wear, especially a casual or sporty look. For a denim blue gemstone, look for lapis lazuli or sodalite. For a lovely watery shade, try amazonite or apatite-- which are both seen here.

Red is the color of heat and fire and is often associated with desire, passion and love. Red's warm intensity also has an energizing effect; wearing red makes you seem vibrant and confident. The necklace pictured here pairs red with purple for a look that lives up to the name of the piece, Passion Flower. Red gemstones include ruby and garnet, among others.

Pink conveys the idea of femininity, sweetness, and youth. Pink can also look grown up: carrying the thought of romance and the essence of spring, as shown in the earrings pictured here. I also love the contrast of pairing pink with black or brown. The most common pink gemstone is rose quartz.

Green is an earthy color that signifies growth, freshness, and nature. Green is my favorite color, and I enjoy it in all shades. It can be found in many gemstones such as malachite, peridot, jade, aventurine, moss agate, and emerald. Many of those gems are found in this monochromatic green necklace.

Yellow is synonymous with sunshine and summer. It's a cheerful, light and energetic color and tends to reflect happiness in the person wearing it. Yellow gems may include citrine, amber, and certain types of quartz or jade. In this photo I used soft shades of yellow to convey the essence of the sun, in a necklace I named Soleil.

Orange is an upbeat color, symbolizing joy, sun and the tropics. Orange represents enthusiasm and happiness. This pendant combines the deep brownish orange of amber with the watery blue of apatite for a tropical, warm weather feel.

Purple is often associated with royalty and symbolizes power and luxury. I also think purple carries a hint of mystery. Since amethyst is one of my favorite gemstones, you'll see lots of purple in my jewelry-- usually used alongside other colors. I especially like to use amethyst in my Grapevine Collection, as seen here.

Since I like to keep my posts short, I will discuss neutral colors in a future post.


  1. Congratulations on your blog, it looks great....also the red passion flower is fabulous.

  2. LOVE those pink and green earrings!!!