Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Accessories Every Woman Needs

You know about the essential little black dress. You're probably still searching for the perfect figure-flattering jeans. But what are the accessories you shouldn't live without?

...The basic everywhere tote: You may have cute little purses and clutches that you use for a night out, but this one allows you to go anywhere. You'll want a size that's easy to carry but still has plenty of room for all your stuff. Since I like to be prepared for anything, mine is a little on the large side. Some women choose a neutral color, but I prefer colorful pieces, like this one I recently spotted on Etsy:

sage by CalviRee

...The anytime earrings: Look for a style that is simple, classic, and chic in a neutral color or a color you wear often. The goal here is a pair of earrings that transition from one day to the next. This is your faithful standby- the earrings you reach for when you aren't sure what else will work. This is an example of "basic" earrings that I created a while back:

...The walk forever shoes: Most women have at least dozens of pairs of shoes. Shoes for every look, every occasion, every outfit. But there's one pair that's most important: the one that's most comfortable. It's so vital for your health and happiness to have at least one pair that fits perfectly, feels wonderful and still looks stylish. If you haven't done so already, invest in a quality pair of comfort shoes that don't make you look like a frumpy grandma or like you just came from the gym. For me it's a pair of black mary janes made by Birkenstock. I can wear them with pants or a skirt and they're a classic style that doesn't look dated. They're more comfortable than any sneaker and look much more pulled together.

...The show stopping necklace: I believe every woman should have LOTS of necklaces! But it's important to have at least one really amazing piece. It should make you feel special when you wear it, brighten your complexion, highlight your best features. This is a piece you can turn to for the most special of events or rely on to make you look beautiful on a day when you otherwise might not feel that way.

Lydia Necklace by Snowflake Designs

...The "me" piece: It's essential to have one item that really reminds you of how you are. It may be a charm bracelet or mother's ring with components that tell the story of your family or life's persuits. It could be a vintage locket passed down by your great-grandmother. Or maybe it's an item with a special cultural or religious significance. In my case it's the amazing ring my husband gave me when we were engaged. He designed it and had a jeweler create it especially for me. We've been married for 10 years and I still get frequent complements on it.

A few key pieces like these will carry you through all sorts of situations and keep you feeling your most beautiful day after day.


  1. I was at CalviRee's Etsy Shop and saw your blog, what creative jewelry pieces and I also agree that women should have lots of necklaces!