Friday, March 13, 2009

The Birth of a Necklace

Many people have asked what inspires my jewelry. The answers are varied and sometimes complex, but I wanted to walk you through a recent creative process. I can't really say that this was a typical experience since every piece is so different, but it may give you a peek into what is involved in creating the jewelry I make...

It all started with this branch of pussy willows. They're so cute and pretty and such a welcome indication of the coming of spring. I was inspired to create an item of jewelry that was a nod to them.

I didn't want to try to recreate the pussy willows- just capture the essence of them. I immediately thought of smokey quartz for it's shimmery grey color.

I had in my collection some smokey quartz gem chips. I decided to make these into clusters.

Once I had a few clusters completed, I pulled out my beadboard to start experimenting with the layout of the design. I decided to pair the smokey quartz with pearls.

I came up with this link comprised of the quartz and pearls, and this became the basis of the eventual necklace.

This was the design I came up with. I was very happy with it, but I still thought maybe it needed something more.

So I tried to add more layers to make the piece more extravagant, but it just didn't seem right.

Eventually, I made some further modifications and ended up with a piece that was a little more simple and refined. I finally felt that the necklace had reached its full potential.

Each piece of jewelry I create is a little bit of an adventure. Sometimes I don't really know what the outcome will be when I begin, and other times I have a specific vision in mind before I begin. Part of the fun of making one-of-a-kind jewelry is that I'm never using the same pattern or formula over and over so I can really let my creative juices flow.
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  1. i must admit, i know not much about jewelry making but am a nerd when it comes to organizing things--that grey tray you are using for your beads looks so handy. i guess i have just not seen a lot of jewelry blogs that post about their process, but just the final product—very interesting!

  2. Just beautiful items!

    I would like to give you an award! Check out the link to see your Sisterhood Award!

  3. Just beautiful items!

    I would like to give you an award! Check out the link to see your Sisterhood Award!

  4. Thank you so much for visiting me! Loved watching and reading about the process! You have lovely jewelry!